Peoria Mustangs


The Peoria Mustangs would like to send a huge congratulations to Andrew Cohen as he has made it to the big show. Andrew has been named an assistant equipment manager for the Dallas Stars. 

The Mustangs are happy to announce that Nathan Chasteen got tendered by the Springfield JR Blues of the NAHL

Cameron Brown got drafted by the Texas Tornado. Congrats to both and good luck next year in the NA!

Mustangs Alumni

NHL Draft Pick

Aaron Dawson - Carolina Hurricanes

Team USA

Logan Bittle- Viking Cup

Max Finley- Hearing Impaired Team

Brandon Neville- Hearing Impaired Team 


International Hockey League

Logan Bittle- Bloomington PraireThunder

Cole Ruwe- Bloomington PraireThunder


Ontario Hockey League

Aaron Dawson - Carolina Hurricanes


United States Hockey League 

Jared Brown - Lincoln Stars

Shawn Flanagan - Omaha Lancers

Kevin Hecht - St. Louis Eagles


North American Hockey League

John Affolter- Albert Lea Thunder

Russ Anderson- Texarkana Bandits (Tender)/Alpena IceDiggers

Andrew Berecz- Springfield Blues

Arthur Bidwill- Traverse City

Logan Bittle- Danville Wings

Anthony Bohn- Santa Fe Road Runners

Chris Bolognino- Springfield Blues

Cam Brown- Texas Tornado/Springfield Jr. Blues

Jared Brown- Santa Fe Road Runners

Pierce Butler- Texarkana Bandits (Tender)

Dustin Carlson- Minnesota Blizzard

Nate Chasteen- Springfield Jr. Blues

Zeke Costello- Traverse City

Greg Curtiss- Helena Bighorns

Cody Donati- Texarkana Bandits

Mark Ellis- Albert Lea Thunder

Brett Englebright- Traverse City

Mike Fleming- Texas Tornado

Anthony Galante- Texarkana (Tender)

Alec Hagaman- Topeka Roadrunners

Jake Hanson- Texarkana Bandits

Chris Harris- Springfield Blues

Christian Hmura - Springfield Blues

Cody Holzworth- Motor City Machine

Parker Johnson- Wenachee Wild/Springfield Jr. Blues

Larry Kincaid-Alaska Avalanche

Brett Kistner- Bozeman Ice Dogs

Ryan Klusendorf - Springfield Blues

Andrew Kuechler- Fargo Jets

Nick Larson - Central Texas

Cody Lichtenvroot- Michigan Warriors

George Malliaras- Bismarck Bobcats

Mike Messier- Bozeman Ice Dogs

Matt McBride- Cleveland Barons

Mitchell McPhereson- Texas Tornado/Amarillo Bulls

Brendan Murphy- Corpus Christi Ice Rays

Justin Natvig- Springfield Spirit

Corey Netreffa- Wichita Falls

Mike Piotrowski- St. Louis Sting

Chase Sisk- Fresno Monsters

Corey Stark- Santa Fe Road Runners

Ted Thompson- Central Texas

Andrew Ward- Helena Bighorns

Rich Zobak- Traverse City


Southern Professional Hockey League

Cole Ruwe- Peoria Rivermen (Captain)

Alec Hagaman- Peoria Rivermen

Rich Zobak- Peoria Rivermen


American Collegiate Hockey Association – DI

Jarren Aden- Midland

Brennen Anderson- Lindenwood

Nate Chasteen- Robert Morris- Chicago

Josh Hart- Robert Morris- Chicago

Blake Ortman- Midland

Michael Parda- Niagara

Sam Turner- Midland


American Collegiate Hockey Association – DIII

Max Finley- Northern Illinois

Brandon Neville- Robert Morris- Peoria


Collegiate - DI

Arthur Bidwell- Colorado College

Logan Bittle- Robert Morris – Pittsburgh

Chris Bolognino- AIC

Dustin Carlson- Ohio State

Ryan Klusendorf- Canisius

Nick Larson- AIC


Collegiate - DIII

John Affolter- Johnson and Wales

Dan Bielke- University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point

Brian Bednarczyk- University of Wisconsin - Stout

Anthony Bohn- St Mary's

Jake Busch- St. Olaf
Ian Carroll - Marion College

Bill Colclough- UMass Dartmouth

Pat Colclough- UMass Dartmouth

Andrew Corvo- Marian College

Brett Englebright- Nichols College

Joe Gabbert - Weber State

Sean Gagnon- Wagner University

Tony Galante- Johnson and Wales

Cal Getschmann- Marion College

Jake Hanson- Marion College

Ryan Hiser- University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

Trevor Jewell- Johnson and Wales

Evan Jones- Nichols College (Captain)

Joshua Kaebel- Johnson and Wale

Jeremiah Ketts- Johnson and Wales

Brett Kistner- St. Olaf

Eric Klemm- Milwaukee School of Engineering

Sean McGaughy- Milwaukee School of Engineering

Mike McMahon- Robert Morris – Chicago

Ryan Miech- University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point

Tom Montez- Robert Morris - Chicago

Sean Moyer- Weber State

Landon Olson- Augsburg College

Luke Ross- Weber State

Cole Ruwe- Nichols College

Brian Sargent- SUNY

Zack Sisk- St. Mary's College

Tim Smith- SUNY

Doug Stanton- Mercyhurst College

Ted Thompson- Marian College

Bill Williamson- Wagner University

Chris Wirkus- Milwaukee School of Engineering

Myles Wirkus- Milwaukee School of Engineering


Collegiate - DI Club 

Mike Barnes- University of Kentucky

Derek Bartsch- Missouri State

Pierce Butler- University of Illinois

Kenny Denies- University of Oklahoma

Keith Denton- University of Oklahoma

Phil Gerber- University of Illinois

Ryan Gregory- Kent State University

Chad Helgason- University of Oklahoma

Tom McCurrie- University of Kentucky

Justin Natvig- Iowa State University

Aaron Schmielski- University of Oklahoma

Mike Sholler- Western Michigan University

Mark Tylka- University of Oklahoma

Zach Waxenberg- University of Oklahoma


Collegiate - DII Club 

Jarrod Bean- Bradley University

Charlie Bott- Robert Morris- Springfield

Steven Dold- Bradley University

Chris Harris- Robert Morris- Springfield

Dave Lannert- Robert Morris- Springfield

Chad Lhamon- Robert Morris- Springfield

Bo Vanderbloom- Robert Morris- Peoria

Nick Mahoney- Robert Morris- Chicago

Ryan McGaughy- Robert Morris- Chicago


Mustangs Coaching Staff

Jake Hanson

Ryan Klusendorf